Julian's crystal clear mountain air is a perfect setting for this unique sky tour. During the hour of viewing in our observatory, planets, the Moon, hundreds of NGC objects, and multiple star systems are available to look at.

Each sky tour is unique and may include comets, asteroids, special events when observable, and any of the other 64,000 objects in the telescope's database. When guests stay the second night, special attention is made to show different objects than what was seen in the previous night's sky tour. Generally, about 12 objects are viewed in the hour, including a planet, open star cluster, globular cluster, nebula, planetary nebula, galaxy, several multiple/interesting star systems, and the moon when observable.

The tour begins with a laser guided, informative discussion under the night sky with an experienced astronomer pointing out the prominent stars and constellations. A brief explanation of how telescopes work is given and then the red lights are dimmed and the guided tour begins. Always feel free to ask questions.

This unique experience will leave you with a new perspective of the universe that we live in.

Please Note: Sky tours are also available to guests who choose not to lodge at Observer's Inn. The rate for the sky tour only is $30 per person. (advanced reservations required)